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Cinch Measuring:

To measure a horse's heart girth, measure from the base of the withers down to a few inches behind the horse's front legs, take your tape under the belly, then up the opposite side to where you started, this will cause your tape measure to run at an angle. This measurement is your horse's heart girth

Calculating Western Cinch Size

There are a few different ways to measure your horse for a Western cinch. The one I've found to be the most reliable is to measure the horse's heart girth (in inches), divide that measurement by 2, then subtract 3 inches.

The horse in the photo above measured 77 inches for his heart girth. So, to calculate his cinch size we're going to take his hearth girth, divide that measurement by 2, then subtract 3 inches:

This Is Just An Estimate...

Calculating your horse's cinch size using the method above is not always completely accurate. There are enough differences in saddles and horse body types to make any method of measuring for a cinch little more than an educated guess. Measuring an old cinch (if you have one) that fit the horse and saddle well would be a better way of finding out a good size for a new cinch, but that's not always possible. Of the methods we have tried, however, the one we described above has been the most accurate

String Cinch

There are dozens of different styles of cinches, made from several different materials and often a combination of materials. The most popular western cinch is made from Mohair. The cinch is made up of single or double layers of strings or strands reinforced with a center crossbar which helps hold the strings in position and gives strength to the cinch.

Roping Cinch

Cinches vary in design some are fairly straight, the roping cinch is wide in the center, and the Vaquero style cinch can sometimes be a little wider. The average width of most cinches is approximately 3 inches. The roping cinch can be 9 inches or greater in width in the center of the cinch. The ends of the roping cinch taper down to about 3 inches on each end.

How to Measure the Cinch General Information

A cinch is measured from end to end including the rings on each end. The following is a General Guideline to give you an idea of the size you should look for. The Western Cinch allows several inches of adjustment to give you room to get a proper fit without the necessity to be exact in your measurements.

General Cinch Size Guidelines

Miniature Horses, Pony and Horse sizes will vary greatly depending on their size and build.  Nothing can take the place of a tape measure to get the proper size for your horse.

Below are a few general sizes  that will give you an idea of the cinch size you should be looking at:

The sizing above is general the weight and build of the horse must be taken into consideration.


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