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I started riding on my own when I was 2, but had ridden many horses before then, right from an infant it was our way of life.  By the time I was 3 and until around 7, I was riding and wrangling in the Rocky Mountains helping my family take pack trips in and out of Mountain Park Alberta for international guests looking for the “Great Outdoor Mountain Riding Adventure. When I was 8, I was lucky to start to go with my dad to work! At that time my dad worked for Alberta Fish and Wildlife studying Mountain Goat habitat.   Dad started going into the Wilmore Wilderness  where no vehicles are allowed, so he packed horses in for his many lengths of time while the studies took place and I tagged along during the summers. As a family we would also go into the mountains on hunting trips, this too involved packing horses.  I remember my first hunting trip into the Wilmore Wilderness, we just finished packing the horses and saddled up to go, when it started to snow!  We had about 35 miles to ride to camp…it snowed the entire way as well as 4 more days! This was mid-October and extremely cold! Well worth the school days I missed in grade three! I learned more on that trip than any book could teach me, and I also realized that our LIVES depended on our horses and our horses depended on me!

As I got older my responsibilities grew to packing the horses,  my Dad and Grandpa were always showing me the ropes.  This is where it all started, tying packs with different knots and styles. I don’t think there is anything that we could not pack on a horse! Just like my other Great Grandpa who was in the Cavalry in the 1stand 2nd World War…one time he and his men packed a crashed plane out on horses!

The pack trips slowed down and the focus on Public Trial Riding at Pegasus Stables started more. By the time I was 17 the mountain trips ended but the trail rides didn’t. I was saddling 10 to 25 head of horses a day till I was 23, during that time I finished school and became a Journeymen Welder and fabricating a wide of variety of huge projects. Never giving up my horses or Pegasus, but we all know life gets in the way! Married with Children!

I enjoyed tying packs, so my wife MaryAnn and I started packing back into the Wilmore Wilderness.  First on our own then later with our two boys.  I still loved tying knots, I would sit in front of the TV or on the back deck just tying knots double coin knots,  butterfly knots, but really just tying knots. About 2010 my Dad read about a cinch maker in one of his magazines and suggested I should try it out, after all I was tying knots anyways.

After doing a lot of research, taking some courses and even going to Sheridan Wyoming to learn more... I was making chinches! I didn’t want to build just any cinch, I wanted to make the BEST CINCH  POSSIBLE Remembering how much our lives depended on our horses I knew that the horses comfort was of the utmost importance!  I have the know-how, the best materials and the hardware to accomplish this. Thanks Dad, I found my niche!






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