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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  Do you hand make all your Chinches?

Answer: Yes, I am the only one that will make your Chinch.


Question:  What is Mohair? 

Answer:  Mohair is a natural fibre from an Angora Goat.


Question:  What is the Difference between my Mohair Chinch and a store bought Mohair Cinch? 

Answer:  My Cinch is made out of 16 ply cord instead of the standard 8 ply cord, this gives added comfort to your horse. 


Question:  What is Mohair Blend Chinches that I can buy for less at a store?

Answer:  If you look closely some store bought mohair Chinches say “Mohair Blend” this could be anything from 1% mohair and 99% Rayon!  If there is any Rayon in the material then it is not 100% natural for a horse. Mohair Blends will increase the chances of a horse getting sore.


Question:  Are Alberta Chinches 100% Mohair? 

Answer:  Yes, unless I state otherwise.  The other material I may get is 96% Mohair and the remaining is 4% wool. The wool is used at the mills to give the consistency to the cord. As the mills become more knowledgeable and have the ability to spin the Mohair, I can obtain 100%.


Question:  How do I know what size of Chinch I need for my horse? 

Answer:  See my measurement guide


Question:  Do your Mohair Chinches Stretch? 

Answer:  Yes, all chinches stretch regardless of what they are made of. Mine only stretch approximately ¾” because of the size of the cord and the cord compression, it’s not the actual material stretching.


Question:  How do I wash my Mohair Cinch? 

Answer:  I personally do not wash my Chinches, the mud and burs brush right off by hand and the color maintains.  I like that the inside of my Chinch hairs up from my horse, that tells me that my horse is getting added comfort from their own hair on it.  If you insist on washing then just use a 5 gallon bucket of warm water, hold each ring in each hand and just swish it back and forth in the bucket.   


Question:  Do Mohair Chinches get wet from sweat?  

Answer:  A Mohair Chinch will have the tendency to repeal the moisture away from the horse.


Question:  How long does a Mohair Cinch last? 

Answer:  The longevity of a Chinch varies on what you’re doing with your horse, having said that, I have seen a Cinch that was used by a professional ranch hand in Wyoming that was 15 years old and still going strong with very little ware and never cleaned! What that ranch hand does in a saddle in a week…I am sure I do not pleasure ride that in a season!


Question:  How long will my Custom order take? 


Answer:  If your choice is with material I have in stock, than it would be approximately 2-3 weeks.  If I have to order what you like then it could take 6-8 weeks depending on the postal service.  Please take into consideration on your location too.  If there is any delay it would be with the Postal Service.  Your Chinch is Custom Made by ME and I am very particular on my workmanship






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