Alberta Cinch


"I've known Jim for several years now, he's been around horses all of his life and has many miles on the saddle. His knowledge of horses and what works best for them is admirable. My wife and I have cinches that Jim has made and they are not only beautiful they are extremely well made with attention paid to detail. You can bet that when we're in the market for our next cinch it will be one from Alberta Cinch."

Happy Trails,

Dino Fanelli

Ennis, Montana

These interesting video shorts demonstrate how your horse may be affected by an uncomfortable piece of tack. In the second clip you will notice that the horse could care less about the cinch being done up - this was the same horse on the same day! 


Now you will see the reaction as the new Mohair cinch is used, the horse barley notices the process.
She is happy with the Mohair cinch from Alberta







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